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When you sell or lease a property, a Pool Fence Compliance Certificate (Form 23), is required before entering an accommodation agreement or before settlement of a property with a pool. When selling a home, you can alternatively provide the buyer with a Form 36 before the contract of sale, making the Pool Fence Compliance their responsibility, but this isn’t the case with leasing.

 When leasing a home, if you have a long term tenant, you do not need to renew your Form 23 if you know your fence is compliant.

Below, are some quick facts: 

      • Form 23s are good for two years on residential properties
      • Form 23s last for one year on shared pools
      • Form 23s are needed when selling or starting a new lease on a property (if it doesn’t already have a current certificate)
      • If you are the owner of a property and you live there with a compliant pool fence, you do not need an active Form 23

You can look up the status of a pool safety certificate on a property or you can register a pool here.

Do you have further pool safety questions or concerns? Please feel free to call us for further information 07 4054 4588. If you would like to book a property in for an inspection please fill out a booking inspection form by clicking here.