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What is more important than the safety of your family? At All Construction Approvals, we understand exactly how important it is to protect them. If you are looking to sell, want to rent your property or just want to make sure your pool fence is compliant, then give ACA a call to attain a pool safety certificate. We are your local pool fence inspection specialists. 

Did you know the Queensland Government have created a new set of codes for pool safety to help ensure pools are safe in Queensland? Are you concerned that your pool doesn’t meet these codes? Book a Pool Safety Certificate inspection and ensure your pool fence is safe for your loved ones today.

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Please don’t hesitate to contact ACA if you require a pool safety certificate for a location outside of the areas listed. Find out more by giving us a call or filling out our contact form.

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What is involved in getting a pool safety certificate?


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One of our team members will contact you with an appointment time for your pool fence safety inspection to obtain your Pool Safety Certificate.


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One of our experienced pool safety inspectors will come to your premises and complete a pool fence inspection. We will advise you if there are any necessary changes needed to make your pool fence compliant so they can be fixed and you can be issued a Pool Safety Certificate (Form 23).


You’re Issued with a Pool Safety Certificate

Once your pool is fully compliant, we will issue you with a Pool Safety Certificate (Form 23).

Eight Common Faults to the Safety of Your Pool

  • Your pool resuscitation sign won’t last forever, therefore, they need regular checks to ensure they are in good physical condition. The sign also needs to be the most current resuscitation sign, it will need to face in towards the pool area so you can see it while in the pool. We often find they are placed in an area obscured from view.
  • Objects placed within the pool area or adjacent to pool fencing on the exterior can compromise pool fencing safety. Any object such as trees and air conditioning units can be used to climb or assist in climbing pool fences. So, ensure that you keep at least a one-metre buffer on the exterior of your swimming pool fence and 300mm on the interior of your swimming pool fence.
  • The distance between vertical members is greater than 100mm.
  • Distances below bottom railings are greater than 100mm, particularly over sloping ground.
  • There is less than 900mm between climbable horizontal components in fencing.
  • Fence height is below 1200mm. Garden beds are the most common cause of this fault.
  • The neighbour’s fence has fence rails which can be climbed.
  • Look after your pool gate, both the hinges and the latch mechanism require regular maintenance. Pool fences must be self-closing or latching. Unfortunately, failure to look after these valuable pieces of hardware will result in the gate not functioning correctly and potentially being left ajar.
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New Pool Safety Laws –  Pool Safety Certificate FAQs

What if I want to sell or lease a dwelling with a pool within the five year period?

You must have your pool inspected and obtain a compliance certificate. This compliance certificate is valid for two years (sold or leased as many times as you like within that two year period).

Do I need to get an inspection done every time I lease or sell my dwelling?

No, a certificate will last for two years for a private pool (dwellings and residential unit complexes) and one year for a shared pool (short term accommodation, hotels, motels, backpackers or hostels). The property can be sold or leased as many times as you like in that period and the certificate will remain valid.

How long do I have to rectify my pool once a non-compliance notice has been issued?

The pool owner has a period of three months to rectify the pool fencing once the pool safety inspector has issued a non-conformity notice.

What happens if I do not rectify my pool within the three month period?

The pool safety inspector must notify the local government within five business days after the expiration of the three month period that the pool fence is non-compliant and give the local government a copy of the non-conformity notice.

I have just had a pool built, inspected and a Form 17 issued, does this make my pool fence compliant under the new regulations?

If your Form 17 is dated prior to 1st December 2010, then your form 17 does not qualify as a compliance certificate. This means your pool fencing will need to be inspected prior to sale or lease of the property or within five years, whichever comes first. If your Form 17 is dated after the 1st December 2010 then it can be uploaded to the Pool Safety Council website to obtain the compliance certificate. This compliance certificate is valid for two years for a private pool (including residential unit complex) and one year for a shared pool (short term accommodation, hotels, motels, backpackers or hostels).

When do I get a copy of my certificate?

A pool safety inspector can only issue a certificate when they have placed the certificate details onto the pool safety register. Pool owners and others, such as real estate agents and solicitors, will be able to search the register. Pool safety inspectors have two business days after the inspection to give the pool owner a pool safety certificate.

How do I know if my pool is on the Pool Safety Register?

Pool owners should check the register after 28 February 2011 to ensure their pool has been registered. If your pool is not on the register after this date, then you have until 4th May 2011 to register your pool. Penalties of up to $2,000 will apply after this time. The Pool Safety Register search function can be found at this address

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