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When you lodge an application with All Construction Approvals and everything is approved, you will receive a Development Permit. The permit will list all of the building stage inspections required to be undertaken.


For example, a standard 1-storey dwelling will require the following inspections:

  • Slab Stage
  • Bond Beam Stage
  • Frame Stage
  • Final Stage


If you are building a dwelling with additional levels, you will require more inspections to ensure each stage of the building work is completed to the standard within the building code.


When it comes to garages, gazebos, carports, sheds and other small class 10A or 10B structures, usually just a final inspection is required.

All new swimming pools require the fencing to be checked and a final Form 17 issued before they can be filled with water.

If you require an inspection, please allow at least 24 hours’ notice. You can either give us a ring on 07 4054 4588, send us an email at info@acapprovals.com.au or use the online booking form