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Have you ever heard that you need to get a Development Approval (DA) before a Building Approval (BA) can be issued? Do you know what this means?  It is common to hear the acronyms DA and BA in the world of planning and building certification, but how do they differ and what do they mean?

Firstly, a DA stands for Development Application/Approval. A Development Application is lodged with council either by you or by your private certifier to ensure your proposed building work meets all necessary planning requirements such as the location of your building work on your property, the land surrounding it and overlays such as flood hazards and hillslopes.

A Development Application isn’t required for every proposed project. Your certifier will check this during the assessment of your application and notify you if one is needed. If you do require a DA the report must be submitted to council and approved by them prior to submitting and approving your BA. We offer report writing services for a fee to help get your application lodged quickly and efficiently.

A BA is a Building Application/Approval also known as a Building Permit. The Building Application consists of the paperwork you submit to your private certifier with the intention of receiving a Building Approval. This usually consists of an IDAS Form 1, IDAS Form 2, a Notice of Engagement, Form 15 from an engineer, engineer stamped plans and any additional items required for your class of building work. In Queensland, all building work requires a building approval unless it is considered self-assessable or exempt.

If you have any questions regarding Development Applications or Building Approvals, feel free to contact us and one of our friendly staff can assist you. Give us a ring on 07 4054 4588 or email us at info@acapprovals.com.au.