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Did you know as of the 1st of March 2017, Council will no longer provide building approvals? After strategic review by the Cairns Regional Council (CRC), it was recognised that private building certifiers provide the building industry with an adequate service to meet their needs.

Councils in other areas have also phased out this service making CRC consistent with similar, local governments. During the phasing-out period, after the 1st of March, council will no longer accept new building applications.

Council will still process development approvals (see our blog about Building Approvals and Development Approvals).

What does a private certifier do?

  • They assess and approve plans for new building work or alterations/additions.
  • They inspect the mandatory stages of building work. For example, a basic house will require four inspections: Slab Stage, Bond Beam Stage, Frame Stage, and Final Stage.
  • They issue enforcement notices when needed.
  • They issue a final certificate once the building works have been completed and deemed satisfactory.

How will council know my building work is approved?

Private certifiers are independent of local government and take full responsibility for the work that they certify. The private certifier will issue the approval and see the project through to its final outcome with no input from council. With every application, you will need to fill out a Notice of Engagement Form. This is a written contract between you and the certifier. A notice of engagement is then sent to the relevant council to inform them you are working with a private certifier on your building application. Certifiers are also responsible for lodging building approvals and final certificates with council for records purposes only.

Do you have questions or concerns?

All Construction Approvals is here to help with any of your questions or concerns. We help you every step of the way to ensure your building approval is issued and completed in the most efficient and accurate manor. If you are thinking of building, give us a call on 07 4054 4588 or send us an email at info@acapprovals.com.au. We also have a very comprehensive website, feel free to have a browse and look at our frequently asked questions, www.acapprovals.com.au.