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Is an approval required and what information do I need?

These days, buying a garden shed has never been easier. You can simply and securely purchase a garden shed from the comfort of your home if you wish. If you are in the market for a new outdoor storage shed, workshop or garage, take these tips into consideration before you purchase.

We enjoy a wonderful climate and lifestyle in Queensland, however ‘natural disaster’ circumstances such as tropical cyclones, flooding and severe storms are an unavoidable part of our life. We cannot afford to be complacent about the dangers natural disasters bring. When living in a high wind or cyclone prone area it is important to make sure your shed is cyclone rated to ensure it will remain secure in the event of a major wind event. All areas above the Tropic of Capricorn and within 50km of the coast are in a cyclonic region within Queensland. So really, this is a very serious warning and why it is important you check out the information below to make sure you protect your home and neighbourhood.

Can I buy any shed in cyclonic regions?

Before purchasing a shed, we highly recommend you check your Wind Rating in your area. Lysaght have developed a Wind Calculator to help you determine the rating in your area. It gives you a general rating for your area based on statistics, but to be 100% sure it is recommended you check with a Building Certifier before putting in your order.

Not all sheds are the same and a Cyclone Kit is required for some sheds

Sheds with cyclone kits are designed and approved for use in areas with cyclonic conditions, this cyclone kit can be purchased and installed to reinforce a shed to help reduce the risk of sustaining damage during high winds. Be sure to enquire with your supplier in relation to what additional requirements are necessary.

During big storms, if buildings are not appropriately reinforced or anchored, a shed can break down and the pieces become flying missiles in wind. If you need to make an insurance claim and the insurer finds there is no approval for your shed, it is highly likely they will not pay out. This can become catastrophic for you if someone is injured or worse by debris from an unapproved shed.

Also, make sure that your shed does not sit on any easements or over your sewer connection point, 1m clear is required from the connection point as they should always be easy to access for repairs and maintenance. If you are not sure whether your chosen location blocks access to any of these, you can contact your local council and request a copy of the “as-constructed” sewer plan and check on QLD Globe or your registered survey plan for easement locations.

Garden Shed Approvals

All sheds in cyclonic areas require a building approval regardless of the size.

In addition to a building approval sometimes a siting variation or a Town Planning Code Assessment may also be required and we can provide advice in this regard. A garden shed permit approval generally takes less than a week if no additional approvals are required. A siting variation takes between two and three weeks and a code assessment may take up to 7 weeks. These processes run concurrently with the building approval.

It goes without saying that building or installing an outdoor shed is a big project that needs thorough consideration and we can help with any queries that you may have.