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On the 1st September 2021, the Building Regulation 2021 commenced which replaced the Building Regulation 2006. Please be aware that since this release, all building forms have been updated as well as there are now some additional inspection forms.

Here are the key points:

A building certifier is the only person who can issue a “stage” certificate for a slab or a final on a class 1 and 10 building. An engineer can issue a stage certificate for all other structural stages. Sections 46 and 74 of the BR2021 clarifies this. Sometimes a slab inspection will require 2 aspect certificates (form 12’s) for a building certifier to be able to issue the “stage” certificate (form 16) i.e. where the setout is by a land surveyor (form 12) as an aspect component and the stage inspection by a structural engineer (also form 12)

Who Can Issue an Aspect Certificate?

Form 43

Download Form 43 Aspect Certificate QBCC Licensee

Form 43 is for QBCC licensee’s for class 1 and 10 buildings for “aspect work” as part of an installation procedure. Such as waterproofing installation, installing windows, installing insulation etc, etc.

Form 12

Form 12 is for competent person’s and relates to inspection of “aspect work” of building work if a competent person inspects an aspect. Such as a Fire Occupational Licensee or Mechanical/electrical engineer inspection.

Form 16

Form 16 is for inspection of a stage of building work, such as Class 2-9 structural inspections where the building approval conditions this as a requirement per section 44(1)(a) as well as class 1 and 10 structural inspections other than footings/slab (section 46)

A stage of building work can be comprised of many aspects that need verification before that stage can be passed, for example, a final inspection stage (form 16 or form 11) of a building requires various aspects to be completed before the final stage certificate can be issued, such as waterproofing, glazing installation, insulation installation etc. These will be a combination of form 12’s and form 43’s.


For further clarification, see the attached inspection Guidelines.

There is an appendix attached to the various forms that also provides some clarification.

Download Guidelines For Inspection of Class 1 to 10 Buildings 1 Oct 2020         Download Now

Download Guidelines For Inspection of Class 2 to 9 Buildings-1 Oct 2020         Download Now


Building Regulation 2021