When do I need a siting variation for my structure? If it’s a shed and it’s not longer than 9m in length than it can be built on the boundary. Or if it’s longer than 9m in length than a siting variation will be required. With additions, if it’s a deck, or if it’s a habitable structure then typically it needs to be 1.5m from the side boundary. If you build within the 1.5m then a siting variation will also be required.

What is a siting variation?
A siting variation is an application submitted to council by a homeowner or their representative to apply for a reduction in the setback distances required by the Queensland Development Code (QDC) parts MP1.1 and MP1.2.

If you are building a shed, deck, carport, garage, building extension, patio, and unsure if you need a siting variation, call our office at any time to discuss your building project.

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