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A private certifier works independently from council. They can approve and inspect building work in the same manner as the local council. With every application you will need to fill out a Notice of Engagement Form. This is a written contract between you and the certifier. The owner always needs to sign, but the applicant can be your builder, your designer or the property owner themselves.

You may receive a Form 18 if you didn’t sign an engagement notice. These are just to notify the owner, that a private certifier has been engaged to carry out the certification of the project.

The Notice of Engagement is sent to the local council to notify them that you have engaged a private certifier to approve the new building work on your property.

Private certifiers are licensed through the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC). They are required to act in the public interest and not to take action that could potentially compromise the health and safety of any person, amenity of their property or significantly conflict with the local council’s planning scheme.

Not sure if you should use council or a private certifier? Give us a call on 07 4054 4588 and we will let you know the benefits of using All Construction Approvals.