November 29, 2016

What Inspections Are Required for My Building Work?

When you lodge an application with All Construction Approvals and everything is approved, you will receive a Development Permit. The permit will list all of the building stage inspections required to be undertaken. For example, a standard 1-storey dwelling will require the following inspections: Slab Stage Bond Beam Stage Frame…
InfoPool Safety
November 21, 2016

When do I need a Form 23?

When you sell or lease a property, a Pool Fence Compliance Certificate (Form 23), is required before entering an accommodation agreement or before settlement of a property with a pool. When selling a home, you can alternatively provide the buyer with a Form 36 before the contract of sale, making…
October 28, 2016

How will the Queensland Home Warranty Scheme Changes Affect You?

As of the 28th of October 2016, The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) have expanded The Queensland Home Warranty Scheme. The Scheme affects all contracts signed on or after the 28th of October 2016. The scheme has been expanded to cover additional building work including the installation of manufactured…
May 6, 2016

Private Certifier Information

A private certifier works independently from council. They can approve and inspect building work in the same manner as the local council. With every application you will need to fill out a Notice of Engagement Form. This is a written contract between you and the certifier. The owner always needs…
May 6, 2016

Cairns Plan 2016

The CairnsPlan 2016 was introduced by Cairns Regional Council on the 24th of February and it commenced on the 1st of March 2016. The new planning scheme was formed to set a clear direction for future development and sustainable growth. The CairnsPlan 2016 was formed in conjunction with the community…
April 30, 2016

Building Certifiers Explained

Council will want to see that you have a building permit on most structures you add to your property. A building certifier assesses engineered plans that are supplied to us by the builder/owner. We work in opposition to council; however, we lodge all applications with them on your behalf so…