February 19, 2018

NCC BCA 2019 Public Comment Draft – What’s Changing?

Recently, the Australian Building Codes Board released a public comment draft of the National Construction Code Building Code of Australia 2019. You are able to submit comments regarding the changes until the close of business Friday the 13th of April 2018. The Australian Institute of Building Surveyors (AIBS) will also…
December 7, 2017

What Class of Building is it?

There are ten types of building classifications under the Building Code of Australia. Have you ever wondered what class of building you live, work or play in? Well, the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) has recently released a document that makes it easy to determine building classification. When it…
July 2, 2017

Do I need approval for my shed?

When you're buying a garden shed, don’t believe everything you're hearing from the salesman – he just wants to sell you the shed. You do need a building approval for garden sheds, even the smallest of garden sheds.  In Cairns and the far north region, we are affected by cyclones,…
June 9, 2017

Do I require an inspection?

We often get asked, do I require inspections during the construction of my building project? It depends on what you are building. If it’s habitable, yes, you will need at least a slab, block work inspection, if you are doing masonry construction, a timber frame inspection and a final inspection.…
May 20, 2017

Can I change my building plans?

We often get asked, once we have issued our building approval, can I change my plans after they have been approved or do I have to lodge a whole new application? No, you don’t need to lodge a new application. Just come and see us, there is a little bit…
April 30, 2017

Can I build in under my house?

We often get asked, why can’t I just build-in under my house? It’s under the roof. Yes, it’s under the roof but unfortunately, there is a lot of issues or a number of issues that need to be considered when in closing underneath an existing building. A lot of the…