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What is a lapsing building approval?

A lapsing building approval is an approval that expires. Basically, for most buildings excluding swimming pools and demolitions, you have two years in which to complete your project and have it inspected. With demolitions you have one-year. If you go outside of this time, you either need to renew your building approval or have it finalised.

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How do you know if your building approval has lapsed?

The best way to tell is to read your building approval from your certifier. In the document it should say the issue date and the date of lapsing. It is best to renew before the lapsing date. All Construction Approvals can assist you with renewing your lapsed building approval.

The Process

Before a building approval lapses, your certifier needs to send you a reminder notice (Form 57). This will give you at least three months in which to pay for a renewal, get your affairs in order and to make sure your approval is current. If you do not respond to the reminder notice and the approval gets lapsed it will need to be done as a new building approval and can be held to any new changes in the Building Code of Australia and The Queensland Planning/Building Acts that were incurred since your approval was initially issued.

It is best not to let your approval lapse and keep it current at all times until the project is completed. You can renew an approval once, but after that the certifier will need to check in with council for an approval to renew again. You will need to let council know why the building approval hasn’t been completed, for example, financial hardship or injury. Council will provide the certifier with a “yes” or “no” answer and your certifier will pass the information on to you.

A renewal usually only requires a minimal payment to keep your file open for another two years on the first renewal. If you renew for a second time, council may stipulate it will need to be completed within the year or only give you 6-months depending on your circumstances.

What area do you provide this service?

We are able to help you with lapsing approvals as long as you’re in Queensland and you have all of the supporting documents and certificates to verify the stage inspections were carried out as the job progressed through the approval process.

When do I need to renew a building approval?

Lapsed building approvals are pretty common and occur after you receive a Reminder Notice (Form 57) and do not respond to it. All Construction Approvals can assist you with rectifying them as long as you have the correct supporting documentation such as Form 16s for stage inspections along the way. We will still need to see all of the Form 16s from the contractors along the way, as well and they will need to be provided at time of the final inspection as per usual.

Choose the right building approval company

The ACA team are here to help. We have a wealth of experience when it comes to rectifying lapsed approvals. The process is easy if it was an approval we originally had. We should easily be able to keep moving along from where we initially left off in the approval process as we are diligent in keeping records on our files and inspections previously carried out.

When it comes to approvals that have lapsed that were previously at another certifier as long as the certifier did the right thing and sent the application to council, we should be able to track down the necessary documents and move-on from there. Please note, there is a fee from council when obtaining your records.

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All Construction Approvals are part of our preferred local consultant team for our commercial construction projects. Our association with ACA has been developed over many years. As a design and construct contractor the role of our Building Certifier is most important. We rely on them for considered early advice on our projects to ensure we evolve the designs in a compliant way. We often challenge our Certifier with alternatives to provide functionality and value for our clients. ACA takes these challenges on without just post boxing code and legislation, they try and often find great solutions for us

Cambell Balderson - DirectorKeir QLD

Great service, prompt and reasonably priced with really helpful and friendly staff. Would definitely recommend them and/or use them again.

Ann & David Jamieson

All Construction Approvals have at all times displayed an ongoing commitment to the professional delivery of Building Certification services, from early planning through to practical completion, on a wide range of projects with Peddle Thorp Architects.

The Company is flexible and responsive to Client circumstances and can cope with the demands of substantial size projects. I have found project staff responsive, insightful, easy to do business with, and genuinely committed to achieving positive outcomes that benefit the project and Client alike.

Paul WhittlePeddle Thorp

We have been working with the team at All Construction Approvals for 15 years. This longevity is founded on a continuous trust; prompt support & reliable advice through our design process & compliance approvals. We recommend ACA without hesitation.

Stuart JacksonMyriad Design

Very thorough and professional. Always available and responds at the earliest time possible. Advice is always clear, concise and specific.

Andrew McFadden

Over many years of working in the construction industry under a range of many types of contracts in Project Management roles, I have been constantly reminded of the importance of choosing an experienced and collaborative consultant team. In the current constantly moving code compliance regime the speciality of each team member is acknowledged during the exchange of ideas to find solutions. As the Building Certifier is often the final arbiter, it is important the input they offer is correct and helpful to the team. We have a long history of working with the All Construction Approvals team under Harald Weber’s management on a variety of projects and are happy with their assistance, prompt service and availability. ACA is our first choice Building Certifying company for our Design and Construction projects.

John ParkerHutchinson Builders

All Construction Approvals are a preferred supplier for Dawsons Engineering covering all aspects of building and construction certification and approvals. A team of experts with a wealth of knowledge always providing prompt service with positive outcomes. We would highly recommend their service.

Nikki DawsonDawsons Engineering

We have worked with All Construction Approvals since 2011. Harald and his team are always very responsive with their advice and assessments, and friendly and professional to work with.

Dr Shaneen FantinPOD People Oriented Design

ACA have the depth of experience required to guide contractors through complex compliance issues at both design & construction stages.

Grant MulkearnsVis Constructions

Having used ACA for over 10 years now, I can vouch that they are amazing to work with and always provide the highest level of professional service. They are thorough, reliable and nothing is ever too much trouble. The ladies in the office are always friendly and their efficiency unparalleled. Thank you ACA for taking the stress out of getting our projects approved!

Stephanie Ansell

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do files lapse?

Due to the Building Code of Australia and Queensland Development Code having regular changes, building approvals only last for a limited amount of time so we are able to keep these regulations in place as they change.

How long does a building approval last?

Most building approvals are good for two-years from the date of issue. Swimming pools must be checked within six months from the date of issue. Demolition approvals are good for one-year.

What if I have a development approval (DA), as well? Does that lapse with the building approval?

If you had to have a siting variation or code assessment, most of these last for two years. Most councils are happy to move forward with your DA as long as you have an active building approval in place. Once the building approval lapses you may need to apply for a new siting variation or code assessment, as well.

What do I do if my house building approval has lapsed?

If you want to proceed you will need to contact a certifier. From there, we can send you a new DA form 2 and engagement form. We will then have to assess your building approval and we will let you know if we need any further information or documentation. Please note, if you are up to the frame stage, for example, of your house, you will need proof that the Slab and Bond Beam stage inspections have been carried out. These are usually provided to you in the form of a Form 16 inspection certificate. Our certifiers can assist you if you do not have this documentation, but there will be more fees and time involved in rectifying the approval.

If I am unsure I’m moving ahead with my project, but the lapsing date is approaching, should I still renew?

It is a lot easier to renew an already existing file and keep it alive than trying to re-open a file. It is best just to renew as the fees and the work involved is a lot less for you. If for some reason it does lapse, and you decide to move forward you will need to pay more fees and re-fill out paperwork.

About All Construction Approvals

All Construction Approvals (ACA) is a privately owned company formed in 2001 by Harald Weber. ACA was created in response to market demand for a personalised, reliable and consistent service in relation to building certification and consultancy work.

Our goal is to provide the highest level of professional service in building regulation and control. We offer innovative, cost effective, quality outcomes to ensure building compliance and project success.

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